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Mega Gain

A high quality source of protein specially designed for vegetarians with acombination of simple and complaex... Mega Gain more

Whey Protein

Most appropriate blend of high quality proteins and high quality simple... Whey Protein more

Weight Gain

Most appropriate blend of high quality proteins and high quality simple and complex carbo- hydrates to fuel your... Weight Gain more

Muscle Beast

high quality blend of whey protein concen- trates,calcium caseinate, egg albumen, soy protein isolates, and .... Muscle Beast more


Meets the requirement of gaining weight as well as maintaining good muscles mass.. . . Muscle Beast more


Product designed with a blend of Creatine, Carbohydrates and proteins. Contains a unique blend of . . . Muscle Beast more


This product contains 45% of Protein and 45% of Carbohydrates and with all the major nutrients that is. . . Muscle Beast more

Welcome to Muscle Mileage

MUSCLE MILEAGE NUTRACEUTICALS Company manufactures health foods like Dietary Food supplements and other Functional food products. Muscle Mileage Nutraceuticals manufactures products like weight Gainers and High Protein Muscle Gainers for Athletes who aim for success in their respective fields.

We introduce products like Fem Power and for a nourished future generation we provide products like Grow Fast for children.
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